Natural contrasts, lights and colors

An island that conquers with its wild inland, marvelous inlets and enchanting features: from the spectacular beaches to the archaeological and artistic treasures.

Famous for its sparkling life between the sea and elegant little squares, the north-east of Sardinia welcomes you in its small dream coves. A trip to Costa Smeralda is a feasible dream. An incredible experience between the sea and elegant squares, rugged coastline and turquoise sea, impalpable sand and nightlife: You are in Costa Smeralda. Choosing a cruise on the north east coast of Sardinia means enjoying an exclusive paradise divided between naturalistic beauties such as the Maddalena Archipelago, Budelli and its Pink Beach, luxurious restaurants and trendy boutiques, or indulge in the wild and rugged nature and relax between a myrtle, the smell of a pine forest and the blue of the water. The itineraries are variable, depending on the port of embarkation, the duration of the holiday and the weather conditions.

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