Pelagian Archipelago & Malta

A dip in the heart of the Mediterranean

From the medieval towers and the cave of Calypso, to the last strip of Italian territory before the African coast: bewitching beaches and a sea full of colors and life.

This itinerary lasting at least 10 days leads to the discovery of the Pelagian Archipelago and Malta island. Starting from Catania this cruise will take you down to the south of Sicily to discover some of the most beautiful Sicilian destinations such as Syracuse and Ortigia, Capo Passero and the sea village of Marzamemi. From the most southern coast of Sicily we will continue towards Cumino with a stop in the beautiful Blue Lagoon to leave for Malta. Stop in Malta to appreciate its beautiful sandy beaches, its rich history, its picturesque fishing villages, its UNESCO sites. From Malta, departure towards Lampedusa, bridge between Europe and North Africa with its crystal clear waters, the incredible seabeds and the famous Rabbit Island. After three days return to the base with a stop on the island of Gozo. The itineraries are variable, depending on the port of embarkation, the duration of the holiday and the weather conditions.